Could You Be Shortening Your Dog�??s Lifespan?

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As pets become a vital part of your family, it's obvious that owners want them around for as long as possible. In good health, it's not uncommon for certain breeds of dogs to live for nearly 20 years! However, many pet owners can unintentionally impact their pet's health. It is important to talk to your dog�s veterinarian about some easy ways you can extend your beloved animal's lifespan, and help them to avoid diseases and danger.

Pet Health

Keep your pet at a healthy weight by avoiding feeding them too many treats or human food. Ensure your dog gets plenty of exercise with regular walks and playtime. Stay on top of regular veterinary checkups, including dental care and preventative care against pests and parasites. Keep your dog safe in and outside of your home by not smoking (pets can be effected by secondhand smoke too!), keeping your dog leashed or otherwise contained outdoors, and learning to safely socialize dogs together. Having your dog spayed or neutered can also lower their risk of developing certain diseases, and can curb dangerous behavior. As always, your veterinarian at East Shore Veterinary Services is always happy to discuss ways to help keep your dog happy and healthy.

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