Dog Boarding in Branford - open!


About Our Boarding:

Branford Boarding Facility is open!

We board dogs only. A complete explanation of our boarding facility can be found in our boarding forms.

Drop off and Pick up times:
Mon - Fri: 8:00am - 10:00am and 3:00pm - 4:300pm
Saturday: No Drop off or Pick up
Sunday: No Drop off or Pick up

East Shore has been boarding dogs for more than 50 years!  Our facility is unique for its huge outdoor playpens, an on site medical staff, and cleaning protocols that keep our facility in top shape.

We do require vaccinations, fecal tests, and parasite protection.  Your veterinarian can provide all the necessary services before your pet comes to us.  When your dog comes in to board with us he will be immediately weighed, flea combed, and microchip scanned.  All of our boarders receive a “neckie” to identify them.  This is simply a disposable collar that identifies your dog, along with any medical conditions.  He or she will then be settled in with fresh water and a blanket.  In a very short time he will become familiar with our routine (dogs love routines) of staff coming in and getting out for a bathroom break first thing in the morning.  Then it's breakfast time, followed by morning play session.  Dogs will go in and out throughout the day so they can have periods of rest mixed with periods of play.  At the end of the day, things get very quiet in our kennel, as so many of the dogs are tired from their day and getting some rest.  Dogs are cleaned up and fed dinner.  Finally they are given an evening walk and bathroom break.  Our staff loves this daily routine with the dogs, sometimes we are not sure who is having more fun, the dogs or the staff!

All of our dogs are leashed up to be taken outside.  Not only is this safer than dogs running loose in the building, dogs love it! Dogs get a huge amount of comfort from interacting with human friends one-on-one.  Being leashed up and taken outside is one of the many ways we provide comfort.  Once the pups are in the outside pens they are let off leash and allowed to enjoy the outdoors.



East Shore's Veterinary Hospital
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Saturday : Closed
Sunday : Closed


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