Doggie Daycare - CLOSED AS OF DECEMBER 2022
Certified Dog-safe Playground

If you’re interested in tiring your dog out while you’re busy, giving  them the opportunity to learn socialization skills, or helping them with their separation anxiety; give us a call or stop in anytime to speak with our staff and get a tour of our facility! Sign your dog up for daycare once a week, a few times a week, or all week. We welcome every breed and all ages, from puppies to seniors. If you are unsatisfied with our daycare, let us know.  We take pride in being accommodating and welcome all constructive criticism.  Give us a try!

Drop-off and pickup is Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. or 3:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. We are a pay as you go service. We don’t charge if you don’t show up. Reservations are recommended, but not required.


Do you worry that your dog isn’t getting enough exercise or mental stimulation while you’re away from home?  Do you feel bad about crating your dog all day?  Does your dog have separation anxiety when he’s alone for hours at a time?  Do you want a great opportunity to teach your dog how to socialize with other dogs?  When you take your companion to East Shore’s Doggie Daycare, you can feel comfortable knowing your dog is getting mental stimulation, exercise and learning social skills.  In addition, your dog will receive constant love and affection from our staff.

Our East Shore veterinary daycare runs Monday through Friday, with drop off after 8am.  Your dogs will go out three times a day for an hour each time- once in the morning and twice in the afternoon, with our last playtime ending at 3pm.  We also take pride in sending our dogs home clean and dry- whether it’s raining, snowing, or if they’ve been swimming in our pool. Therefore, we would appreciate having a sufficient amount of time to get your companion ready to go home.
We have four outdoor pens with certified dog-safe playground mulch for lining; and each of which is surrounded by two 6-foot fences for added safety.  Our largest pen, referred to as our dog park, is fenced in woods; and, of course, the favorite pen of most dogs.  Your companion will be brought outside on a leash; and once they are in a pen, they will be taken off leash. They are never left alone outside and are always closely monitored by our animal care staff.

We group together compatible dogs, based on size, energy level and temperament.  On the first day of daycare, your dog will be slowly introduced to others that we think they will hit it off with; and they are, of course, closely monitored while they establish a relationship with the other dogs.  This slow introduction ensures that your dog does not get overwhelmed at his or her first visit.  We find that our daycare dogs are very welcoming to newcomers and by the end of the day most first-timers have become comfortable with the environment and the dogs they’ve met that day.

Our play groups are split into three to five different groups, depending on how many dogs are attending that day.  We usually have two large dog groups; one of which is comprised of high energy dogs and the other containing older, calmer dogs.  We continue to adjust our groups depending on who plays well together.  Small dogs are grouped together; many times this group is split into two groups due to the amount of small dogs who attend our daycare. Certain dogs do not play well with fellow canines and require individual attention.  These dogs are put into pens by themselves and given one-on-one attention from our staff. All dogs always have someone to play with, whether that someone is a human or a dog.  Our staff makes a point of not only supervising your companions; but also interacting with them during the whole playtime- playing fetch, throwing ropes, Frisbee or anything else using our stock of toys.  If you ask any of our clients they will tell you that our daycare dogs always go home tired and ready to nap, and sometimes they just want to cuddle after a long day of going to ‘school,’ which can be a lovely treat after a long day of work.  Between playtimes, our daycare dogs usually enjoy taking naps and resting up for the next playtime.  After all of this playtime, it’s no wonder your companions are tired at the end of the day!


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