What Do You Need to Know When Traveling with Your Dog or Cat?

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When thinking about traveling with your dog or cat, you should consider capabilities, affinities, and temperament of your furry friend first. Many pets don't feel comfortable in different settings and go through hard times when traveling. Cats, particularly, aren't willing to change their territory for the completely unfamiliar environment. Many of them usually hide and stop eating during the first three days. Because of that, a majority of cat owners avoid traveling with cats, especially on short trips. If, on the contrary, your pet copes well with traveling, then the answer is 'yes'. In that case, you'll need to provide a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection not older than ten days for air and boat travel. If it is the first time travel, you may need to consult your vet for details. Experts form Eastshore Vets, the best veterinarian agency in Madison can help you with practical tips about what should you know when traveling with your dog or cat.

If you travel by plane

Before you buy the tickets, spend your time doing a thorough research. Different airline companies have different rules regarding animals, their size, physical condition, carriers, etc. Additionally, you may want to book an early flight in summer, or midday flight in winter to avoid extreme temperatures and make the flight more comfortable. Veterinarians from Eastshore Vets recommend exercising your dog before the flight and keep their stomach almost empty. It will help him to be more relaxed when flying.

By boat

You will probably need to do the similar research. When traveling by boat, you should apply a sunscreen protection suitable for your pet. Many pets get sunburns while sailing. Keeping your dog or cat in a carrier or on a leash is necessary, because they may easily fall out from a boat. By car

Preparation is also the crucial part of traveling with your dog or cat by car. You may want to mark all the spots where you and your pet want to refresh. By taking frequent breaks, your dog will stay more at ease with traveling. A good idea is to take the list of nearby veterinarian agencies in emergency case.

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