The Most Common Summer Ailments in Pets

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Summer months bring ailments on many dogs and cats. Lush vegetation, a growing number of insects, high humidity and hot temperatures increase the risks for specific diseases and infections. Even though many of them may have serious effects, you can prevent your pet from getting them. According to veterinarians from Eastshore Vet, the best veterinary agency in Madison, knowing and recognizing the symptoms of the most common summer ailments in pets is essential.

The Most Common Summer Ailments in Pets:

Ticks and Fleas

In summer, a majority of pet owners spend their time with their furry friends outdoors enjoying the sunny weather. However, pets can easily catch ticks and get fleas when in nature. According to experts, dogs are more prone to ticks than cats. They suggest doing a thorough examination of a pet’s coat after being outside. Worms and Parasites Worms and parasites go hand in hand with fleas. When treated inadequately, fleas can cause enormous infestation and tapeworms.  Moreover, hot weather and high humidity level create ideal conditions for worms and parasites’ growth. Dirty dishes, poor hygiene, and filthy litter box are some of the sources of these pesky organisms.Dehydration and Heat Stroke

Dehydration can become a serious issue if goes under the radar. To prevent it, you may inform yourself about the most common symptoms of this potentially threatening condition. Besides, bring with you a bottle of water when going for a walk with your dog, play with him, or go hiking. Allergies Lush vegetation and biodiversity create a fertile ground for allergies. Pets who itch frequently, have tearing eyes, and runny nose may suffer from allergy. If you notice any of these signs together with rashes or hair patches, you should visit your nearest vet immediately.Ear Infections

This ailment affects the both - cats and dogs. Its frequency increases with a temperature rising. Watch for symptoms such as ear scratching, swelling, yellow discharge, and head shaking. Leptospirosis Prevent your pet from drinking water from suspicious sources. Chances for infection are greater in areas where rodents or wild animals reside.Snake Bites

Snake bites may make irreversible consequences to pets and even kill them. Veterinarians from Eastshore Vet suggest good rattlesnake prevention if you live in the areas near this population. Inform yourself about rattlesnake serum and talk with your vet just in case.

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