Puppy Food Versus Adult Dog Food : What's the Difference?

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Can a small puppy eat regular dog chow? It's not highly recommended. In fact, there are some differences in dog food labeled for puppies, versus food labeled for adult dogs. Early in their lives, puppies require lots of protein and a diet that's calorie rich to help them grow and develop into strong, healthy adult dogs. A growing puppy uses a lot of energy! With these factors in mind, puppies require special diets to help them grow normally. To know the difference, remember that puppy food is higher in both calories and protein than adult dog food. Adult dog food tends to be more balanced in proteins and carbohydrates, and lower in calories. Adult dog food is better for dogs who are fully grown.

Puppies eating dog food

Your veterinarian at East Shore Veterinary Services can assist you in finding the right brand of puppy food for your new puppy, which can vary depending on the breed and the puppy's weight. In general, most veterinarians recommend switching your puppy to adult food once they reach one year of age or after neutering, but some breeds can benefit from a diet of puppy food for the first few years of their life. Again, your veterinarian will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your puppy's diet.

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