Lyme Disease and Pets - All you need to know

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Lyme disease is one of the most common diseases caused by ticks. Dogs across the country can be affected by Lyme disease, but the risk of infection is much higher in the Northeast, Upper Midwest, and the Pacific Coast areas.The primary carriers of Lyme disease are blacklegged ticks. They can be found in heavily green areas - in the woods, tall grass, and areas close to thick vegetation. While ticks can't fly or even jump, they can attach themselves to hosts by crawling off the tips of vegetation. If a dog brushes up against some tall grass on a long walk, a tick could be waiting at the tip of the grass, ready to hop on.Ticks can cause problems throughout the entire calendar year. Make sure you're using a tick and flea preventative to protect your dog yearlong. You can also find special shampoos with ingredients that will kill ticks.If a tick bites your dog, an infection can occur after the tick has been attached to your dog for 24-48 hours. Be careful removing a tick from your dog to prevent catching Lyme disease yourself.If you suspect your dog has Lyme disease after a tick bite, please consult your veterinarian. Some symptoms of Lyme disease include:

If left untreated, Lyme disease can lead to serious kidney problems in some dogs. Make sure to contact your vet if you have any questions! Visit: Veterinary Clinic Madison.

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