The Importance of Veterinary Prescribed Foods

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When it comes to pet foods, many pet owners don't do their homework. They think it's just a matter of going to their local pet supply store and picking up any bag of dog or cat chow to keep their beloved pet healthy. In truth, that is not always the case. If your pet is suffering from certain conditions or health ailments, their diet can help to heal, or hinder improvement of, their condition. That's where the veterinarians at East Shore Veterinary services can be of assistance.

Veterinary Prescribed food

We find that many pets live healthy and active lives with specific diets that help manage any known conditions, or help prevent any illnesses known to your pets specific breed. Here at East Shore Veterinary hospital, we can work with every pet owner to prescribe certain brands of foods clinically proven to improve the health of your pet. Remember, these foods are only available from your veterinarian. When your pet begins a diet of veterinary prescribed foods, their vet will continue to monitor them to ensure improvement in their health or condition. Many pet owners are surprised to see the positive changes in their pets once switching to a veterinary prescribed diet. If you are concerned about the overall health of your beloved pet, speak to your vet about whether a diet of veterinary prescribed foods can benefit your animal, and how to get started.

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