The Importance of Routine Pet Checkups

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Your pet is a beloved member of the family, and they ought to be cared for as such! You and the other members of your family get regular check-ups from the doctor, and your pet should be no exception. When you bring your pet in for an annual exam from the doctors at East Shore Veterinary Services, you stand to improve their quality of life, and stay on top of any lingering or arising health issues.

Pet Checkup

During a pet checkup, your vet will get an overall picture of your pet's health. The checkup will also serve a preventative purpose as well, and will keep your vet aware of any changes in your pet's health that could signify future problems or illnesses. Your vet will also know about certain health concerns took look out for in certain breeds. A typical checkup will likely involve an overall physical exam, measurements, dental exam, and possible lab work and samples.During each pet's checkup, your vet may advise you, the pet owner, to allow your pet to be vaccinated against disease. In Connecticut, it is a state law that all cats and dogs are rabies vaccinated. This means visiting your vet every year for a health and boosters. These will protect your vet against common diseases they can contract from their environment or other animals, and are very important in preventative health.Contact East Shore Veterinary Services today to schedule an appointment for a checkup of your pet.

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