How to Prevent Your Pet from High Rise Syndrome During Summer

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The number of pets falling from high places such as balconies, windows, or patios rapidly increases during summer. This condition becomes so prevalent that it even gets the name – high rise syndrome. Even though it is easy to prevent your pet from high rise syndrome, more and more pets get seriously injured each year. Unfortunately, some of them passed away. Veterinarians from Eastshore Vets, the best veterinary agency in Madison, strongly advise pet owners to act immediately if their cat or dog fell.

How to Prevent Your Pet from High Rise Syndrome During Summer

Urgent action prevents dangerous consequences of the high rise syndrome to happen. You should be aware that many pets don’t look seriously injured after the fall, because of a huge amount of adrenaline. At the first glance, their condition remains the same as before. However, when your pet cools down, he begins to show the signs of pain. Unfortunately, for many of them, it is too late. Veterinarians claim that rescue rate reaches 90 percent when you get your pet immediately to your nearest veterinary clinic.To prevent your pet from the high rising syndrome during summer, you should consider taking the following steps:-    Each window in your apartment should have strong screens.

-    Instead of opening the windows to cool yourself and your pet, install air conditioning.-    If you want some fresh air in your room, don’t allow your pet to stay there until the windows are closed.

-    Ensure that all the screens and the windows guards fit perfectly well to avoid the worst-case scenario.

Veterinarians from Eastshore Vets believe that you should abandon any misconception about pets that may increase the risk of the high rise syndrome. For example, pets, especially the cats, like perching on high places, but they don’t know how to take care about themselves. They won’t fall deliberately from your balcony, but captivating temptations such as a flying bird or colorful butterfly will get their attention and make them jump. Because of that, keep your windows closed and reduce the risks to the bare minimum.

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