How to Keep Your Pet Safe This Summer?

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Summer months are a great time to enjoy outdoor activities, particularly with your furry friend. However, hot temperature, high humidity, and heat waves impose huge risks not only for people but also for pets. Cats and dogs do not cope well with hot weather and need your help to survive the summer heat. At East Shore Vet in Branford and Madison CT, our veterinarians advise the following safety tips on how to keep your pet safe in the summer.


Cats and dogs don't sweat and need your help to prevent the worst-case scenario such as heatstroke. The first thing to learn is the symptoms. Excessive panting, vomiting, diarrhea, red or gray gums, drooling, etc., might be the common signs of heat exhaustion. Before calling a vet, you should cool your animal with wet towels, and move her to a cool place, such as kitchen tiles.The most important thing to remember is not to leave your dog or cat in a hot car.  According to experts from Eastshore Vets, it is the most common reason for heatstroke during the summer. Sometimes, even ten minutes in a hot car might turn out deadly for a poor animal.


The trickiest thing to do in the summer is to convince your dog or cat drink enough water. The best solution is to provide them with fresh water 24 hours a day. Additionally, feeding them wet food works well against dehydration and its dangerous effects.


Cats and dogs often get sunburns when left unsupervised in the hot asphalt. Keeping them indoors from 11 am to 5 pm in a cool room may help. Outdoor pets can benefit from the shade trees or dark corners in your yard. If you want to keep them safe from sunburns, don't shave their coat or trim their hair too short. Regular grooming prevents overheating and sunburns.

Burned foot pads

To avoid your pet from getting burned footpads, you may consider taking a walk early in the morning or late in the evening. The best prevention for cats against burning paws is to keep them cool and safe in your home, especially at summer midday.

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