How to Keep Your Dog Active This Fall?

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The change of season, cooler temperatures, and a lot of rainy days during the autumn months decrease the time you used to spend outdoors with your furry friend. All of that may make your dog passive, lazy, depressive, and even aggressive. To keep your dog active this fall, read these four tips to get an idea and increase his level of activity. If you still are not sure how to motivate your dog to action, you may always contact veterinarians from Eastshore Vet, the best veterinary agency in Madison.

How to Keep Your Dog Active This Fall?

Opt for a Short Walk

 Don’t give up completely from taking your dog for a walk because of lower temperatures. Opt for a short walk instead. It will benefit your dog on many levels, in spite of cold weather. You should limit a time spent outside and your dog will have a lesser chance to catch a cold.

Play at Home

During rainy days, be creative and offer your dog a variety of games. Hide and seek, find the treat, or a new trick is just examples that may help you get an idea to keep your dog interested and active. You can also engage him in different activities by teaching him to help you with chores or to pick up his toys. Try food dispenser to encourage your dog to work for his meal.

Make a Special Indoor Obstacle Course

When the autumn days get shorter, you may want to create something special for your dog to turn this gloomy period into joyful time. You may design an exceptional indoor obstacle course for your best friend. By using simple objects in your home like chairs, cushions, or a blanket, you may intrigue your dog and entice him to take action. It will give him a taste of adventure. Don’t forget a little surprise at the end of a session like a tasty snack.

Offer Your Dog Treadmill Exercise

If you already have a treadmill, you may invest your time and teach your dog how to use it. While you are running by yourself, you should encourage him to sit with you and just watch. Praise him for his patience and wait. When he expresses curiosity, help him to jump up and start with the slowest speed. Stop to praise him with treats and soft words. When he gets comfortable, gradually increase the speed. If you try everything and still struggle to keep your dog active this fall, you should visit a vet for a health check-up.

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