How to Help Your Dog That Is Scared of Thunder?

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Scared of thunder? Believe it or not, your dog can get scared too. Pets may develop strong fears like we humans do. They might fear water, fire, darkness, and thunder as well. Because of sudden loud noise, thunderstorms might provoke the strongest reactions in your dog. Similarly, pets may express strong angst not only of thunderstorms but also from fireworks, because they are too caused by unknown intense sounds. Unfortunately, your furry friend lacks critical thinking skills and can’t rationalize his fears. For that reason, veterinarians from Eastshore Vet, the best veterinary agency in Madison, offer the following tips on how to help your dog that is scared of thunder.

How to Help Your Dog That Is Scared of Thunder?

Show Empathy

Never yell on a dog who is scared of thunder. Your high pitched voice doesn’t convey calmness. Yelling demonstrates that you are upset. This way, you add more stress to your dog and scare him even more. Your best strategy is to stay cool, behave as usual, and try to understand what he is going through.

Distract Him

If the nasty weather doesn’t bother you much, chances are it won’t bother your dog as well. He will accept it the same way. You may want to go step further and distract his attention. If you are outside and the storm is not very strong, you may take a brisk walk. You may offer your dog his favorite toy and enjoy your indoor play. In case that your dog is getting more aggressive, give him something to vent his anger.

Minimize Effects of Thunderstorm

When a thunderstorm begins, close the windows and play relaxing music. Take your dog in the isolated room where the noise is minimal. It will relieve stress and prevent his fears from escalating. You may gradually silence music to allow your dog getting accustomed to thunderstorm sounds.

Don’t Overprotect Your Dog

When you pay too much attention to your dog and his behavior during a thunderstorm, you may provoke the opposite effects. Refrain from too much cuddling and hugging when he gets scared. It may encourage clingy behavior and make him more dependent on you. It may turn out in real disaster once the storm appears and you are not at home.


The best prevention is to simulate thunderstorm noise before it starts. You may begin with low sounds and gently increase intensity. For optimal results, start with this exercise as early as possible.

Always remind yourself to be patient when trying to help your pet that’s scared of thunder.

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