How to Encourage Your Pet to Drink More Water?

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The biggest challenge for your pet during the summer is dehydration. Excessive temperatures and heat waves may pose a real danger for pets who don't drink enough water. It is more dangerous for young kittens, puppies, and senior pets. Cats and dogs with a chronic illness are also prone to the harmful effects of dehydration. Because of that, veterinarians from Eastshore Vet, the best veterinary agency in Madison, warn us about its serious consequences. If you notice the symptoms, they urge you to act immediately. Fortunately, dehydration is not hard to prevent. These methods can encourage your pet to drink more water:- Keep their bowls clean and water fresh.Pets, especially cats, don't like drinking water from dirty dishes. To help them drink more, you may wash the bowls daily and replace water several times a day.

- Distribute water bowls in several places.When your pet finds water wherever they go, the greater are the chances for them to drink. You may want to place water bowls near their bed, in a bathroom, on each store, in the yard, and away from the litter box or puppy pad.- Bring a bottle of water with you when exercising your pet.When exercising, dogs lose a huge amount of liquid fast. Bring a bottled water with you and offer them small sips during exercise.

- Add ice cubes or their favorite flavor into the water.Adding ice cubes, chicken broth, tuna juice or other tempting flavors will motivate your pet to improve their drinking habits.- Change a type of water your pet drink.Sometimes, just switching from city tap to bottled water may solve the problem. However, be cautious about added extra ingredients.

- Consider installing pet fountain in your yard. Installing a pet fountain is a great way to encourage your pet drink more water. It resembles the most natural way their ancestors had been drinking in the wild.

- Let your pet drink from a sink faucet.Running water is irresistible for pets. Turn on a faucet whenever your pet follows you in the bathroom.

- Maintain a healthy diet.Wet food is the winning option for hot summer days, according to veterinarians from Eastshore Vet.

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