Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog

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Differences in metabolism between dogs and people are huge. That is why you should be careful with human foods when feeding your dog. Some of these foods you should never feed your dog. They may cause digestive and other health problems. Some foods are even toxic to dogs and their effects might be fatal. Therefore, veterinarians from Eastshore Vet, the best veterinary agency in Madison, highly recommend avoiding the following food groups:

Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog

Garlic and onion

These foods are the most dangerous for dogs. Whether it be fresh, cooked, baked, or powdered version, garlic and onion contain specific ingredients that may irritate your pet. Besides weakness, panting, vomiting, and digestive issues, they cause red blood cells to break down. Thus, they lead to anemia. If your dog ate large amounts, the consequences could be lethal.


Medical experts still haven’t found the dangerous substance within grapes that create severe health problems in dogs. Because of the serious risks, you should be careful. Pay special attention if you live near vineyards or you have a grape tree in your backyard. Ingestion of just one grape can be fatal to your dog. As a concentrated version, raisins are more dangerous. Watch the symptoms like vomiting, exhaustion, and lethargy.

Chocolate and sugar

Sugar causes various problems and one of them is diabetes. When you want to reward your dog with a treat, be careful. Each food made for human consumption may contain xylitol, a potentially dangerous substance for dogs. When the dose exceeds 50 mg per pound of body weight, they may develop hypoglycemia. The number one food to avoid is chocolate. Its essential ingredient, cocoa, contains theobromine, the potentially poisonous substance to a dog. It can cause diarrhea, fever, and death.

Drinks: tea, coffee, alcohol

Caffeine from tea and coffee is lethal for dogs. It affects the nervous system and triggers irregular heartbeats. Alcoholic drinks are totally unsafe. They lead to severe poisoning, even in small quantities.

Animal source foods: fresh eggs, meat, fish, milk products

These foods might be dangerous when eaten fresh. Salmonella and Escherichia Coli are the most common bacteria that occur. They appear by improper handling of fresh animal source foods. Digestive system in dogs doesn’t process milk well and this food you should never feed your dog.

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