Do Cats Choose Their Owners?

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Cats are known as solitary animals that can live pretty well on their own. Even their domestication passed on their own terms. They tend to select a family as their own who offered food and shelter according to their taste. Today, many stray cats that roam freely throughout their imaginary territories of about 200 acres each choose their families the same way. Many of them are fed by different families for years until they select the one who provides the safest place and the most comfortable conditions.

Even though these reasons seem logical, cats continue to surprise people in many ways. One of them that baffles cat parent for ages is--How do cats choose their owners? Cat owners are further interested in whether their choice is accidental or they simply follow their sixth sense? Before you take these beautiful creatures in your heart and adopt a new cat, check their health with your vet. Veterinarians from Eastshore Vet, the best veterinary agency in Madison, recommend conducting a complete physical exam to ensure that your pet is free from any contagious disease and has her vaccination schedule in order.

Do Cats Choose Their Owners?

A Cat Awaits You on Your Doorstep

The most common scenario among cat parents happens when they meet their furry friend on their doorstep. Many of them report that a cat appears all of a sudden as she was already awaited them for hours.

A Cat Who Appears at the Difficult Moment in Your Life

Some people believe that a cat has a specific purpose in their lives. Whether they meet their precious pet on the street or she greeted them at their cars every morning, they all agree that their encounter is anything but accidental. Many of these owners go through a difficult divorce process, struggle with serious illness, or go through some other difficult life transitions. These circumstances set up the perfect conditions for a cat to enter their lives.

A Cat Who Comes and Goes from Your Backyard

Sometimes, an unknown cat may find her sleeping place on your sims, curl in one of the pots on your front porch, or stretch leisurely on your fence. It is not rare that owners usually get the feeling that this cat who comes and goes on a regular basis somehow chose them as their parents. For the majority of cat owners, offering a cat a safe and comfortable place is not a burden. They consider it as a matter of honor.

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