Can Your Pet Get Sunburned?

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Like humans, pets can also get sunburned. Even though the thick fur covers their skin, they may get painful burns during the summer. They may expose unprotected areas such as belly, nose, ears, and paws to hot sunrays. If some of these areas turn into pink and your pet scratches continuously, chances are - your pet gets sunburned. Veterinarians from Eastshore Vet, the best veterinary agency in Madison, recommend removing your dog or cat from the sun immediately and consulting your vet about further steps.

What Breeds Are Most at Risk?

Fair-skinned animals are especially prone to sunburn. If your dog has a white colored coat, thin hair, or belongs to a hairless breed, such as a Chinese Crested dog, you should pay more attention to protect his skin. The same is true for cats. White and light-colored cats, as well as the hairless breeds, can be more susceptible to sunburns. Breeds like Devon Rex, Cornish Rex, Peterbald, and Sphynx are the most vulnerable when it comes to bright sunny weather. You may want to consult your veterinarians about the right kind of sunscreen for your precious furry friend.

Preventative Measures

The best preventative measures are the same ones that work well with humans. Limiting outdoor time work the best. Protect your pet by simply keeping him indoors from 10 am to 4 pm. Meanwhile, be sure that your dog or cat will not get sunburned by stretching near the window. You may want to put on drapes, or just protect the windows screen with UV film. If your pet is desperate when indoors and want to go out, provide shade and relax. When your dog or cat gets too much sunlight, he will instinctively draw into shadow. Just be sure that your pet gets enough protection from the shade.

Signs of Sunburns

If your pet somehow gets sunburned in spite of preventive measures you take, you should distinguish three types of sunburns. The pinkish colored skin on sensitive areas represents mild sunburns. You can apply wet compresses to affected areas. However, if the skin gets red and your pet whimpers, you will do your best to visit your vet immediately. To prevent your pet from getting seriously sunburned and minimize the risk of skin cancer, choose the right precautions and stick to them.

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