5 Ways to Keep Your Dog's Teeth Squeaky Clean

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Clean, healthy teeth are just as important to dogs as they are to humans. Bad oral health can lead to more than just dental problems. Bacteria on your furry friend's teeth can get into their bloodstream and affect other parts of their body. That's why it's important to speak to your Madison vet service professional about the best dental health practices for your pup. We at Eastshore Vet, the best vet in Madison, CT, have plenty of tips to keep your dog's teeth pearly white!

Brush your dog's teeth

Dog oral health begins with basic supplies, just like human oral health. Find a toothbrush and dog-friendly toothpaste from your local pet store or your Madison vet service professional. Dog-friendly toothpastes come in flavors that dogs will love! Dogs can't be trained to spit out toothpaste, so human toothpaste is not an option. However, human toothbrushes will work just fine! Make sure to choose a toothbrush with soft bristles. Treat tooth-brushing as a fun activity and ease into it. This way, your dog won't shy away from the brush, they'll be coming back for more!

Treat your dog's gums

While you should be brushing your dog's teeth every day, there are solutions for those times that you're running behind schedule and can't find time to brush your own teeth. Wipes, pads, and gels exist that you can brush along your dog's gum line to help prevent gum disease. These aren't a replacement for toothbrushing, but they'll certainly help keep infection away until the next brushing!

Delicious dental treats

There are plenty of treats out in the world designed to improve your dog's oral health. Feed these to your dog as a treat instead of giving out unhealthy table scraps, no matter how much she begs. She'll be begging for these dental treats after she has a taste! However, some of these dental snacks can be high in calories, so make sure you properly portion them for your dog's nutritional requirements.

Chew on these, not the furniture

Cow ears, bully sticks, and chicken strips are all great things for your dog to chew. The best part? Chewing on these items will help clean your dog's teeth! Gnawing on these items will scrape away bacteria and plaque. Some all natural treats made of meat contain enzymes that will also help break down dental debris. If your dog doesn't need the extra calories these edible chews can bring, consider purchasing a rubber or nylon bone.

Dental appointments

Dogs need their teeth cleaned professionally just like humans. Schedule an appointment with your local Madison vet service professional and we'll guide you down the path to a mouth full of healthy canine teeth! Dental procedures can take a while, as dogs have to be put under anesthesia, so expect your pet to be away for a couple of hours.If you're ready to seek dental treatment for your furry friend, reach out to us at Eastshore Vet, your local Madison vet service professionals. We have the knowledge and resources to bring your dog the best healthcare available. Contact us and schedule an appointment today!

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