4 Reasons To Walk Your Dog Every Day

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Even though it’s a vital part of taking care of a dog, some owners don’t take their pooches around the block as often as they should. All dogs, regardless of breed or size, need a good amount of physical activity every day. Forty-five minutes of walking should do the trick for many dogs, but consult your Madison veterinary professional to determine your dog’s individual needs. Here are some words of wisdom from the best vet in Madison, CT on why you should walk your dog every day!

Prevent Boredom

How would you feel if you were confined to the house all day, every day? Pretty bored I bet! Dogs, like people, can get very destructive when they’re bored. They’ll chew, scratch, dig, and make messes anywhere they possibly can. All dogs need a base amount of exercise every day, but some breeds need a lot more than others. Sports and herding dogs need a great deal of exercise, and walking isn’t the only form they need. Play fetch or another fun game in the backyard to ensure they’re getting the activity they need. Walking also helps gives dog mental stimulation – all the squirrels to see, butts to sniff, and cars to bark at… Let your dog stop and sniff the fire hydrant every once in a while. They’ll definitely thank you for it!

Training Opportunities

There are always new opportunities out there for dog training. Outside on the leash is the perfect place! Teach your dog basic commands while walking like sit, stay, and heel. Make sure to bring plenty of treats! You can use treats to encourage good walking behavior. If your dog likes to lunge after other dogs, people, cars, or prey animals, teach them to sit when they see these things coming and reward them with a treat for their good behavior.

Health Reasons

Dogs can become overweight just like humans, and they’ll suffer the health consequences. Overweight dogs tend to have back problems and many preventable diseases. A good walk everyday will help protect against these problems! Walking is also good for your health! Studies show that dog owners are at a reduced risk for some common health problems, partially due to the increased exercise they get when taking their dogs around the block. When the pair of you start walking down the sidewalk together, you’ll be walking along a path to good health.

Bonding Walking

Bonding Walking is a fantastic way to spend time with your dog. Your pup will appreciate the time you spend with them and you’ll be rewarded with more cuddles, kisses, and affection. The next time you walk through your door, your dog’s tail will be wagging double time!

Exercise is very important for you and your dog. Going on a daily walk is a great way to stay in shape, get closer, and learn new things together. Come visit Eastshore Vet, the best vet in Madison, CT, to learn more about your dog’s activity needs.

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