Winter Health Tips for Your Pet

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Winter months may bring a lot of joy to you and your pet when accompanied by the snow. When it covers your neighborhood, dogs and cats can’t simply get enough of romping around. On the other hand, freezing temperature, wet weather, and icy surfaces pose a lot of risk for injury and other complications. Because of that, veterinarians from Eastshore  veterinary hospital in Madison, share the following winter health tips for your pet.

Winter Health Tips for Your Pet

Provide Your Dog with a Warm Winter Coat

Even though your furry friends possess dense winter fur, don’t let yourself think it will keep them warm on a cold winter day. It is especially true for smaller dog breeds and senior dogs as well. Provide a waterproof winter jacket that covers the area from dog’s neck to his tail. Be sure that his belly is protected, too.

Wipe His Paws After a Walk

Always keep wet wipes at hand to prevent your dog or cat lick their paws in order to remove salt they can get from the outside. When staying too long on their paws, salt may cause cracks and injuries on their soft pads.

Rinse His Fur Thoroughly When You Get Home

Rub the coat of your dog with a towel as soon as you turn back home. It will prevent him from catching a cold, and remove salt or other substances that may act abrasively on their skin.

Take a Short Walk During Daylight

The best time to walk your dog or let your cat in the yard is later in the morning or during a day when temperatures reach their maximum. To avoid dangers of hypothermia, limit their outdoor time depending on your pet breed, age, and size.

Keep Your Pets Away from Heaters

Pets like stretching snuggled up next to the heater. To avoid your dog or cat getting burned, put a fence around the heater and fasten it safely.

Watch out for the Spills of Antifreeze

Antifreeze and other types of coolants represent a real threat to your furry friend. Be careful when refilling your car with antifreeze and keep your pets, especially cats, away. Clean up all spills to avoid your pet to ingest it. Even a small amount may become fatal.These essential winter health tips may help you and your pet have a lot of fun enjoying winter games and spend quality time together.

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