Why Does Your Cat Sit in a Bread Loaf Position?

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Cats often puzzle their owners with specific behavior. They exhibit so many peculiar habits that make them one of the most mysterious creatures on our planet. If you’ve already found your cat sitting in a bread loaf position, you might wonder what it means. Is your cat happy? Is she healthy?

To learn more about why your cat sits in a bread loaf position, veterinarians from Eastshore Vet, the veterinary services  in Branford, offer the following explanation.

Your Cat Wants to Retain Her Body Heat

Cats have a higher body temperature than humans. They need more energy to warm themselves. Because of that, you may find your furry friend with her paws tucked under her body on a cold day. Most likely, she wants to accumulate energy and warm her feet.

She Is Relaxed

If your cat often assumes a bread loaf position, it might be a sign that she feels comfortable in your presence. It seems like a compliment to you. When your cat feels safe near you, it means she trusts you. Your efforts to make your cat happy are finally paid-off.

Your Cat Seems Alarmed

Sometimes, when your cat is loafing in a certain situation, it may suggest that she feels somehow threatened. If she doesn’t show any other sign of fear, there is something that bothers her. Instead of laying comfortably in her favorite place, she may choose this position for other reasons. It helps her stay alarmed, just in case.

She Might Be Sick

Sometimes, your cat may choose this position because it gives you the most comfort she needs. It is especially important when your cat feels sick. This way, she wants to protect her painful body organ and retain some peace. Watch out for other signs of illness to determine the underlying reason for her behavior.

Pay particular attention if your cat settles down in a so-called meatloaf position, where her nose is on the floor and her front paws are out of her body. This position often describes a cat in pain. If your cat replaces her bread loaf position with this one, it is a time to visit your vet.

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