Why Does Your Cat Drink More Water Than Usual?

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It is not an easy task to find out whether your cat drinks too much water. Every cat is different and has different needs, depending on her lifestyle. According to feline experts, cats drink 60 ml/kg. But, when your cat eats wet food, this formula wouldn't be of much use.

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Therefore, have into account whether your cat eats dry or wet food, how active is she, and how warm or cold her environment is. To find out why your cat drinks more water than usual, veterinarians from Eastshore Vet, the best veterinary clinic in Madison, share the following reasons.

Causes That Your Cat Drinks More Water Than Usual:

When your cat is under pressure, she might show certain behavioral changes. Thus, some cats eat less. Some eat more. Some misbehave, while others drink more water. Try to see the world from the perspective of your cat in order to find potential stress ors. You might be surprised to learn how many things may stress out your cat.

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Sometimes, your cat wants to take part in family life. She may find drinking tap water social activity. It requires that you or other family members go with her and open a tap. Many cats enjoy this activity because it engages other people in some kind of play.

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Some cats just enjoy this activity because of boredom. If you already play with your cat a lot, you might notice that she is less interested in drinking from a tap. But, if she insists on drinking tap water frequently despite extensive play sessions, visit a vet. 

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Cats are known as finicky eaters, but they can be finicky drinkers, too. Many cats reject drinking from water bowls because of dirty dishes or stale water. However, some cats prefer drinking fresh water no matter how clean the bowls are, or how frequently you fill them. They simply copy the habit of their ancestors, who used to drink fresh water from springs and ponds.

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If you go through all the causes and haven�??t found the proper explanation for the excessive drinking habit in your cat, she might be ill. The most common medical causes are:

When your cat shows other symptoms besides excessive drinking,visit a vet immediately. You may want to look for signs such as increased appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, hyperactivity, weight loss, etc. Moreover, if you notice any change in her behavior, it may also point to potential health problems. Cats tend to hide their illness and mask the symptoms. So, trust your intuition and call a vet if you feel that something unusual goes on.

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