Why Does Your Cat Bite You All of a Sudden?

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Whereas you truly enjoy cuddling sessions with your cat, sometimes it may quickly turn into an aggressive episode. Even the most social and affectionate cat may suddenly transform into a furious beast. To prevent yourself and your family member, especially children, to get injured by cat’s aggressive behavior, learn more about your cat. To help you understand why your cat bites you all of a sudden, veterinarians from Eastshore Vet, the best animal hosptal in CT, give the following explanation.

Why Does Your Cat Bite You All of a Sudden?

Why Does Your Cat Do That?

A majority of pet cats really enjoy cuddling sessions with you and other members of your family. For you and your cat, it represents a great way to socialize and bond deeper. However, when it takes too long, your cat may become nervous because their nerve receptors have been overstimulated. Not only that the further stroking might irritate your cat, but it also may become painful.

To communicate their anger and annoyance with prolonged stroking, cats will gently or, sometimes, not so gently bite your hand. This way, a cat gives you a signal that they had enough. It is time for you to stop the activity immediately and let your cat go or do what they want. When you give your cat enough space, she calms down instantly.

Thus, petting-induced aggression is a milder form of aggression that stops immediately when you end up the petting session. Because of that, this type of aggression is better known as “love bites.” However, if you don’t respect the boundaries that your cat wants you to understand, this mild aggression may turn into a serious one. For that reason, accept the boundaries and never yell at your cat when you are at a receiving end of the love bites.

What Can You Do to Prevent Your Cat from Biting You?

The best way to cope with this type of behavior is to learn the signs that suggest that your cat has already got enough stimulation. Feline experts find the following symptoms the most common ones: a cat nervously wagging her tail, her ears become flat, and her pupils become dilated. Sometimes, an agitated cat may even hiss before her scratch or bite your hand all of a sudden.Getting to know your cat better and respect their boundaries is always a safe way to live peacefully with your furry friend.

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