Why Do Dogs like to Steal Your Socks?

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Some dogs enjoy chewing on things like socks and shoes, while others like to steal your socks and dirty laundry. Many dog owners are aware that dogs’ roots and genetics contribute to the development of the first habit, whereas stealing socks remains an enigma. Veterinarians from Eastshore Vet, Branford pet boarding, advise you to check your dog diet if he persists with that weird behavior. Sometimes, a lack of essential nutrients may hide behind the question— “Why do dogs like to steal your socks?”. If your dog’s diet is well balanced, some of the following reasons may offer an explanation.

Why Do Dogs like to Steal Your Socks?

Your Dog Is Bored

When a dog’s environment doesn’t offer too many stimuli to your best friend, the result is boredom. To provide a good emotional and psychological health to your dog, provide him with a lot of opportunities to be more active. Sometimes, just hiding several toys may result in excitement and burst of energy when your dog discovers them once again.

He Misses You so Much

If your lifestyle requires too much time out of a home and long hours away from your dog, he may feel lonely. Stealing your socks, hoarding them, and chewing on them may help him alleviate this uncomfortable feeling. The scents of dirty socks simply remind him on you and help him feel less lonely.

He Needs Your Attention

Dogs are very clever when it comes to getting your attention. If stealing socks accompanies your reaction, he quickly learns that this behavior brings good results. To stop this habit, you just need to stay firm and ignore the mischief.

Your Furry Friend Is Stressed

When too much around your dog is getting hectic, he may suffer from stress. Stealing socks can be just a way for your precious pet to vent up his anxiety. To lessen the pressure, organize yourself better in order to spend more time with him. Physical exercise and a brisk walk can help.

It’s an Essential Part of Being a Dog

Dogs developed great skills to retrieve preys and gather resources. Thus, stealing socks may be a variation of the old natural habit. It shows what it means to be a dog and why they steal socks.

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