Why Do Cats Follow You into the Bathroom?

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Among many other quirks that make cats so irresistible, following a cat parent into the bathroom is one of the weirdest cat behaviors. Even though cat experts and scientists have no idea why cats do that, many theories are circling among cat owners. Before you come to the conclusion about why cats follow you into the bathroom, veterinarians from Eastshore Vet, the best veterinary agency in Branford, offers the following list.

Why Do Cats Follow You into the Bathroom?

Cats like Routine

Even though cats are considered solitary animals, they like being a part of a family. They feel inclined to a routine and strict schedule. Your cat probably found that your visits to a bathroom represent a habit and they simply like to participate.

Entice Curiosity

When you close the bathroom door, you create an aura of mysticism around your bathroom habit. Locked bathroom door makes this room exclusive and enticing to your cat. It sparks her curiosity and gives a sense of adventure.

Eliminate Boredom

Often, your cat, especially the indoor one, may feel disinterested in her environment and slip easily into boredom. Your bathroom visits may seem like something is going on. All that bottles, fragrances, tap water, etc., give them a sense of something interesting happens there. Moreover, you are active there and she simply enjoys joining you in your activities.

It Is a Face-To-Face Time

If you are away for too long, too busy with your job, housework and so on, your cat might miss you. While you are focusing on too many things in the dining or living room, your undivided attention goes to her in the bathroom. This face-to-face time is precious to her, especially if you allowed her to jump into your lap to be petted.

They Want to Cool off and Refresh

While their ancestors enjoyed drinking fresh water from the springs, your furry friend may find a great joy drinking fresh water from a faucet. Cats like drinking tap water. Water from the water bowls get stagnant fast and the bowls easily become dirty. For your cat, the bathroom represents an oasis of fresh water.If you find this habit annoying, keep the doors open to make this space uninterested to her. You may also keep her bowls as clean as possible and change water frequently to prevent her to follow you into the bathroom. Sometimes, a little cuddling session or devoting your time to gently brush your cat will decrease her visits to the bathroom.

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