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It's not hard to find an animal companion to keep you company, but it can be hard to know which pet is the right one for you. Eastshore Vet, the best vet in Madison, CT, can help you figure out which furry friend you ought to take home. Let's look at some different kinds of pets!


Because there are so many breeds of dogs, dogs arebe a good fit for a lot of people. Whether you're active, lazy, living in a small apartment, or a big house, there's a dog out there that will match your lifestyle.

Large active dogs are best for active folks with lots of space for playing. Smaller dogs will do well in smaller spaces, but some big dogs are even bigger couch potatoes! Make sure to read up on the habits of different breeds before making your adoption decisions.

Additionally, you want to think about your time and financial commitments, because some dogs will require more of both! Maybe they have a special fur coat that needs a lot of grooming, maybe they have special dietary needs, or maybe their large size means that you'll have to spend a lot of extra money on food.

You also want to consider the age of the dog you're adopting. Puppies require lots of training and attention, whereas older dogs may not need quite as much surveillance. Think about all of your lifestyle needs before deciding which dog should come home with you.


Even though there are many types of dogs out there, a dog is not the right pet for everyone. Cats don't come in as many breeds as dogs do, but still, there's a lot to consider.

Cats are more generally more independent than dogs, but this can vary by breed, age, and individual personality. Kittens need extra supervision just like puppies, so consider getting an older cat if you don't have as much time to devote to training and keeping an eye on things. Kittens love to get in trouble!

Personality should be a huge consideration when adopting a cat. Some cats are mellow while others are a little more anxious. Make sure you spend some time with any cat you consider adopting before you bring them home.Different cats also require different levels of activity. Some are quite active while others like to lounge around. Grooming is also something to consider. If you don't want to spend extra time grooming your pet, stay away from long-haired cats!

Small animals - Rodents and reptiles

Maybe you don't feel like a cat or a dog is right for you. Lots of people feel this way! However, this doesn't mean you should default to a smaller animal. Rodents and reptiles require just as much love and care as cats and dogs. Their needs are just different!

You need to consider how much time, space, and money you can put toward your pet.Many small rodents don't need a lot of space, but some like gerbils and rats are very active and need the extra room to play an exercise. Reptiles require warm environments, so you'll need to spend money on a quality tank to keep them happy and healthy.


If you're someone with a lot of allergies to pet fur, or you just love the water, a fish might be the pet for you! Fish may seem like a very low maintenance pet, but this is a misconception. Fish have nutritional, environmental, and social needs just like any other type of animal!

If you get a fish, make sure you have the space for a tank that will meet their needs. Keeping a goldfish in a bowl is not good! In a healthy environment, goldfish can grow to be quite large. If you're short on space, a betta fish is a much better option. They can thrive in tanks as small as 5 gallons. Just make sure you purchase a heater to keep the water nice and warm! With regular water changes, proper nutrition, and some love and attention, your betta fish can be as wonderful a companion as any reptile or mammal.

Which animal do you think is right for you? You can always reach out to us at Eastshore Vet for advice. Being the best veterinarians in Madison, CT, we have the resources to help you give your pet the best care possible.

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