What to Do When Your Cat Refuses to Eat?

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Cats are known as finicky eaters, purringto get their favorite food brand and rejecting the wrong one. The reasons forthat only cats properly understand. Sometimes, however, your cat may refuse toeat completely.

This issue considers as the most serious one because it can cause a life-and-death medical problem known as fatty liver. To learn more about the condition and find out what to do when your cat refuses to eat, veterinarians from Eastshore Vet, the best veterinarian agency in CT, explain in this article.  

Cats who skip their meals quickly enterthe starving phase. This phase triggers the body to use all the protein andturn it into fat. This way, they accumulate all the fat in their liver, andeasily get overwhelmed with processing it. 

In the end, their liver starts working toohard, further causing the medical condition better known as liver failure. Theearly signs and symptoms are anorexia and vomiting. When the conditionprogresses, the signs such as jaundice and drooling might appear, ended upeventually with coma.

To avoid the worst-case scenario, call your closest vet as soon as you notice that your cat refuses to eat

Meanwhile, you may want to try thefollowing tips in order to encourage your cat to eat.

Look out for Possible Health Problems

Before you decide that your cat is afinicky eater, look out for symptoms of possible medical problems such aspancreatitis, infection, kidney disease, a dental problem, urinary obstruction,and so on. Watch how your cat is behaving and find out whether she shows thesigns of illness.

Change the Food Brand

Cats may refuse to eat a particular foodbrand when eating it for too long. If your cat is otherwise healthy, change thefood brand and offer her something nutritious and tasty.

Clean Her Bowls Thoroughly and Regularly

Dirty bowls are full of bacteria,especially if you feed your cat wet food. They smell unpleasant, causing a catto reject her meals. Wash the bowls daily and never let leftovers to stay fortoo long.

Decrease Stress and Get Back to a Standard Routine as Quickly as Possible

Cats like routine and structure. They fearchange and every little modification in their environment may make them feelstressed. Do your research and find out whether your cat is under pressure andtry to eliminate the causes if possible.

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