Valentine's Day Safety Tips for your Pets

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Valentine’s Day is a great time to show your love and affection for someone you care about deeply. You can show your pet how much you care by making sure to keep them safe during the holiday! Learn more about keeping your pet happy and healthy at Eastshore Vet, the best vet in Madison, CT, and check out these tips.

If you buy your sweetheart a beautiful bouquet, make sure it’s pet-friendly. Curious cats and playful pups will get in close for a good whiff of those gorgeous flowers and may take a bite if they’re within reach. Toxic plants can cause vomiting, lethargy, and diarrhea in pets, so be sure to get a safe bouquet that is out of your pet’s reach. Also, avoid thorny roses – your pet may prick its paw on them!

Chocolate is potentially life threatening when ingested by pets. High-fat content can lead to deadly pancreas inflammation and its caffeine-like stimulants can be very dangerous. Make sure to keep all chocolate treats out of reach, but don’t forget that other candies can be highly dangerous for pets as wel. Xylitol is a commonly used sweetener that can have severe medical consequences if ingested by your pet. Xylitol is known to cause depression, loss of coordination, sudden drops in blood sugar, and even seizures when consumed by your furry friends. The safest thing to do is keep all Valentine’s candy tucked away out of reach, out of sight, and shut into a container.

A glass of wine can be a romantic way to finish off the evening, but alcohol is another dangerous substance for your pet to consume. Animals are much smaller than humans and it only takes a little bit of alcohol to do a lot of damage. Make sure to clean up any spills as soon as possible to prevent your pets from licking up the mess.

It’s still cold outside during Valentine’s Day, so the urge to curl up next to a warm fire with your loved one is perfectly natural. Fire safety is important even if you don’t you have a beloved pet, but it is especially important when you have another creature in the house. Curious cats and playful pups may burn themselves or start a housefire if candles or a fireplace are left unattended. Make sure to practice extra fire safety when your pets are involved.

Make sure your pet knows he or she is loved this Valentine’s Day. Basic safety goes a long way, but don’t forget to give them an extra treat! A long walk, an extra scratch behind the ears, or a healthy treat will do the trick. Contact us at Eastshore Vet, the best vet in Madison, CT, to learn more about how to make every holiday a happy one for your pet.

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