Top 6 Weird Cat Behavior Explained

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Every cat parent encounters weird cat behavior on a daily basis. Even though they are familiar with the quirks of their pets, many of them are puzzled by cat behavior. Before you develop your own theory about the reasons behind cat's odd habits, veterinarians from Eastshore Vet, the best animal wellness center in Madison, recommend checking out their medical condition first. They also share the list of the 6 most common weird cat behavior with their explanations.

Top 6 Weird Cat Behavior Explained


When a cat headbutts you, she wants to show her respect and affection for you. Even though many cats use this type of behavior to mark that you are theirs, it is not that simple. Whether cats headbutt you or each other, they try to bond and socialize.


Scent glands spread all over a cat's face. They use them whenever they want to mark their territory. A cat that rubs against you or furniture wants to transfer their scent on her belongings and claim them as hers.

Bringing Presents

This habit often produces aversion in many cat parents. While staring at a dead bird, mouse, or lizard, you may struggle to understand why your cute furry friend does that. According to experts, your cat considers you as the part of her family and want to take care of you. It is her way to say 'thank you'.

Feline's Love for Boxes and Small Places

This behavior traces back to cats' wild ancestors when they avoid being exposed in the open because of predators. The cats' way to survive in the wilderness was to hide in small places. They feel safe and secure by observing their surroundings from a secret place. They also used to ambush their prey by stalking them from a distance.


Cats like pressing their paws against soft things, such as cushions, blankets, or even your legs. According to veterinarians, this behavior dates back to their kittenhood when they have to press against their mother to get the milk. They believe that cats' kneading reflects how content and happy they are.


Cats usually chatter when seeing the bird from the window or trying to catch the bird on the highest branch. This behavior shows how frustrated your cat feels when the bird stays beyond her reach. Some experts see that behavior as a preparation technique for the hunt.

This list may go on and on, and it just reminds you why you adore that little ball of fur.

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