Top 6 Summer Tips to Keep Your Cat Safe This Summer

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Even though cats’ ancestors lived in hot African savannah for ages, your cat still may struggle to cool down during the warm summer months. From them, today’s cats have learned one of the most effective methods to reduce their body temperature—napping in the shady area. It helps them decrease their activity level and chill out.However, indoor cats and cats in crowded cities may need additional help to cool down. In these situations, you may want to read these top 6 summer tips to keep your cat safe this summer, selected by a veterinary team from Eastshore Vet, the best local vets in Madison.

Top 6 Summer Tips to Keep Your Cat Safe This Summer

Keep Your Cat Hydrated

During summer months, your cat will need to drink more water and more frequently. To ensure that she will drink enough, you may want to distribute one single water dish in each room. Similarly, for your outdoor cat, provide enough water bowls in every corner of your yard. Keep the dishes clean and water fresh. Good hygiene will certainly motivate your pet to drink more.

Create a Cool Retreat for Your Cat

Find a peaceful and damp place where your daily activities will not disturb your cat. If she finds a cool place on her own, let her stay. Cats like curling themselves in a bathtub or a sink because they help them chill out. For your outdoor cat, you may want to provide more shady areas by planting a new bush or setting up an umbrella.

Brush Her Regularly

When their hair gets tangled, their skin becomes irritated and warm. For your furry friend, you certainly don’t want to add more heat than it is already present. Therefore, brush her fur daily and trim the matted knots carefully.

Help Your Cat Cool Down

Wet towels are an excellent way to help your cat reduce her temperature on a hot sunny day. Dip the towels in cold water and rub your cat gently.

Switch to Wet Food

Wet food contains much more water than dry food. The water content in wet food amounts from 70 to 80 percent and represent a great way to keep your cat hydrated.

Know the Signs and Symptoms of Heatstroke

To prevent your cat from getting a heat stroke, you may want to inform yourself about the possible signs. The most common symptoms of heatstroke are panting, excessive grooming, drooling, agitation, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, rapid pulse, red or pale gums, red tongue, lethargy, high temperature, and collapse.

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