The Healing Power of Cat Purring

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Cat purring baffles scientists for decades. Even though they know in detail where and how it happens, they aren't quite sure about its healing effects. Many studies show that cat purring vibrates at the frequency between 20 and 140 Hertz, the frequency that stimulates the healing process. The very best effects of this frequency appear during the process of healing bones. That explains the common veterinary joke about a cat and broken bones--if you left them both in the same room, the bones would grow back together. To learn more about the healing power of cat purring, veterinarians from Eastshore Vet, the best pet grooming services in Madison, share the possible benefits.

The Healing Power of Cat Purring

Relieves Stress and Anxiety

Whenever you feel stressed, petting and stroking your furry friend may help you relieve this uncomfortable feeling. Moreover, vibrations of cat purring cause not only a cat to release endorphins, but they also do that to you. In this way, cat purring acts as a mood booster and soothes you when you tend to worry too much.

Decreases Blood Pressure

Cats' ability to calm you down, simultaneously affects your blood pressure in a positive way. Furthermore, studies have shown that purring frequency reduces stress level and blood pressure in humans. Thus, stroking a purring cat has enormous importance for your cardiovascular health.

Reduces the Risk for Heart Attack

Having in mind how cat purring helps us cope with stress and high blood pressure, it is no wonder that experts have found its positive effects on heart health. They have discovered that petting a purring cat may decrease the risk of heart attack up to 40 percent.

Lowers Respiratory Problems

People with dyspnea or breathing difficulty also report significant improvement of their condition when spending time near a purring cat. Many of them report cats' positive influence of purring. Children and people with asthma have witnessed the episodes when their cats try to calm them down immediately after an asthma attack.

Heals Injuries Vibrations of cat purring alleviate pain, caused by an injury and enhance bone healing. Similarly, beneficial effects help muscles and tendons to regenerate and grow. In old people, it is of particular benefit, because purring improves bone density and joint mobility.However, the healing power of cat purring doesn't refer to people only. Recent studies show cats use purring as a survival mechanism whenever they feel pain or struggle with some medical condition. Because of that, don't hesitate to visit your vet when it becomes excessive,

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