Thanksgiving Food You Should Never Feed Your Pet

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With Thanksgiving nearing, you may be brainstorming about your dinner menu ideas this year. While everybody will almost certainly indulge your food, the health of your pet may be at risk. Before deciding about the main menu, veterinarians from Eastshore Vet, Madison pet hospital , urge you to stop and think for a moment for hidden dangers that may lurk in your Thanksgiving foods.

Thanksgiving Food You Should Never Feed Your Pet

Be Careful with Turkey

Feeding your dog or cat turkey might be a good idea if you offer them plain meat. Pieces of meat containing skin or bones may put your pet at risk. Seasoned skin causes bloating and diarrhea, while meat with bones increases choking and ingestion hazards.

Think Twice About Giving Them Sweet Potatoes

The same applies to potatoes. If you feed your pet plain potatoes, that may benefit their health. However, resist your need to add milk, butter, garlic, onions, or some other ingredients before you offer the food to your dog or cat. It may wreak havoc on their bodies.

Avoid Stuffing and Gravy at All Costs

Frequently, stuffing and gravy contain too many ingredients with a huge risk for your pet’s health. The best solution is to stay away from it.

Keep Garlic and Onion out of Pets’ Reach

Thiosulphate is the main culprit for health problems in dogs and cats. This essential ingredient of garlic, onion, and chives, may toxify your dog and eventually lead to death. The smallest dog breeds carry the biggest risk of poisoning.

Pumpkin Pie Is Better to Avoid

While a slice of pumpkin may improve digestion in your pet, pumpkin pie has opposite effects. Filled with flavors and added sugar, it no longer shows positive effects on your pet’s health.

Raisins and Grapes Are off Limits

Ingestion of grapes and raisins may result in pets’ poisoning. Dogs are especially prone to develop kidney failure.

Don’t Feed Them Cakes and Cookies

The greatest danger that hides in cakes and cookies is xylitol. While many people may find it beneficial, this sugar substitute can significantly disrupt your pet’s health. For dogs, the effects of xylitol may be fatal.

Don’t Even Think to Give Them Chocolate

Chocolate contains theobromine, a substance that may disturb the health condition of your furry friend all at once. Even small quantities may cause vomiting, stomach pain, seizure and coma to your pet.

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