Spring Health Tips for Your Dog

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After winter months of inactivity and bad weather, you and your dog are most likely awaiting impatiently for spring to arrive. Long walks, hiking, and other outdoor activities with your dog, family, and friends are probably the best part of the following season. To make the most of it, watch for the frequent risks that might affect your dog’s health. Veterinarians from Eastshore Vet, the best veterinary clinic in Madison, gives you the following spring health tips for your dog.

Spring Health Tips for Your Dog

Stay up to Date with Your Vaccination Schedule

Spring months burst with life. While you and your dog almost definitely enjoy walking through nature in the midst of the blooming spring, all pesky creatures like ticks and fleas enjoy the warm sunny weather even more. To prevent your dog from getting ticks and fleas this season, keep your dog vaccinated on a schedule. If you are not sure what products work the best for your furry friend, consult your vet.  

Enjoy Your Gardening with Taking Necessary Precautions

If gardening is your hobby, be careful with fertilizers, insecticides, and other gardening products. Many of them can be highly toxic for your dog, even the natural ones. Use pet-friendly alternatives or keep them away from your precious furry friend. Moreover, avoid planting poisonous plants like tulips, azaleas, rhododendrons, and so on. If you suspect that your dog ingests toxic substances or toxic bulb, call your vet immediately.

Carefully with Spring Cleaning

The first thing you might do when spring arrives is to open your windows and let fresh air into your living space. Spring cleaning also comes with that. Don’t forget to store all the chemicals in a proper place. In addition, keep your dog busy or wait for another family member to walk him while you do your cleaning task.

Pay Attention to Allergies

Like humans, dogs may also suffer from allergies. Hay fever may affect your dog, too. Pay attention to signs such as sneezing, sniffling, runny nose, coughing, and itching. These symptoms may point at allergy in dogs. Call your vet if you notice a few of them, especially when you spot your dog reacting to insect bites.

Stay Away from Injuries

While your dog probably spent whole winter hibernating, spring might look like the perfect time to get your dog more active. The problem with this idea is to try to exercise your dog faster than he is ready. Because of that, veterinarians report a huge increase in injuries in dogs during the first spring weeks. Keep it slow and introduce all the changes gradually.

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