Six Signs That Your Cat Is in Pain

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The most difficult thing for you and every cat parent is to recognize when your cat is in pain. When feline ancestors lived in a wild, they developed a habit to hide pain by keeping their daily routine intact. This survival instinct helped cats not to end up as a supper for a bigger predator. They had learnt that showing any sign of weakness or vulnerability might be fatal. Today, cats still mask pain even though they don’t need to. To spot when your cat suffers, veterinarians from Eastshore Vet, the best veterinary agency in Madison shares these six signs that your cat is in pain.

Six Signs That Your Cat Is in Pain

Your Cat Is Hiding

When your cat is in pain, she may find a dark and peaceful place more comfortable. Many cats become grumpy and may bite you because of pain. If your cuddly ball of fur begins to hide or try to attack you when you move closer, it is time to visit a vet.Shallow Breathing

Cats in pain may show difficulties with breathing. Their breathing pattern usually become shallower and their heart rate faster when pain arises. Keep track of the situation and act promptly when difficulties frequently appear.Changes in Eating and Drinking Habits

Sometimes, cats with dental issues may avoid eating, especially dry food. Cats are known as finicky eaters, but if your cat avoids her favorite food, check her teeth and gums.Decreased Mobility

More than 20 per cent of cats suffers from arthritis in one moment in their lives. Whenever you notice that your previously active cat avoids high perches or stops jumping when chasing her favorite toy, her joints might badly hurt.Grooming Difficulties

Some cats struggle with grooming because certain body postures mean painful movements for her. When in pain, your cat might avoid grooming hurtful places or do it excessively.Litter Box IssueJoint pain or bladder infection may make your cat reluctant to use the litter box. Because of that, if the accident happens, don’t think that your cat misbehaves. Take her for a health check-up to find out the underlying reason for her behavior.According to veterinarians from Eastshore Vet, the best prevention is getting to know your cat. When you know what is normal for her, you will easily spot when your cat is in pain.

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