Should You Give Your Cat Probiotics?

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According to feline experts, more than 60 percent of the cat's body system occupies the GI tract. Not only that digestive system of your cat is huge, but it also significantly affects her overall health. Her gut is populated with bacteria and is known as gut microflora. It consists of good and bad bacteria, but a healthy gut is overpopulated with good ones. And, here is the moment when your cat needs probiotics to establish a well-balanced microflora. 

Cat Probiotics

If you still wonder should you give your cat probiotics, the answer is simple yes. Giving your cat probiotics will improve the quality of her gut microbiome and boost her health. Veterinarians from Eastshore Vet, the best veterinary agency in Branford, share the following insights about cats and probiotics.

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How They May Benefit Your Cat?

Giving your cat probiotics may benefit her health in several ways:

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When Should You Give Your Cat Probiotics?

When your cat is under stress, you may want to consider giving her probiotics. Emotional and psychological stress is the main culprit that causedigestive issues, especially irritable bowel syndrome. If your family goesthrough a challenging period during this time, you may add probiotics in your cat's diet. For example, every new situation such as moving to a new house, thearrival of a new baby, introduction of a new pet, or cat intruder in the yardmay cause your cat to feel stressed.

Another moment when you want to improve the gut flora of your cat is when she is aging. When she reaches her golden years, chances are her digestive system gradually weakens. To give her GI tract a little boost, try giving her probiotics. You may notice results shortly afterward.  

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What Are the Signs That Your Cat Needs Probiotics?

Watch for signs and symptoms like bloating, gas, diarrhea,vomiting, constipation, or skin problems. Each of these signs may need probioticsto go away. If your cat doesn't feel better after a few days of takingprobiotics, visit your vet.

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