Protecting Your Pets From Ticks And Fleas

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You won’t know how nasty it is for dogs and cats to have ticks and fleas until it actually happens. Although you might think it is normal for your pets to get ticks and fleas from time to time, it isn’t normal when they begin to cause health problems to your pet or even pose danger to your family’s well-being.One of the greatest reasons you should protect your pets from ticks and fleas is to prevent them from getting infected by diseases like Lyme disease. This disease can also affect humans, thus, all the more reason to keep these critters away as much as possible. Ticks and fleas are also carriers of tapeworms and heart-worms.The Best Cure is PreventionIt is so true to this day that prevention is the cure. If you can prevent it, then it won’t ever happen! Here are a few options to try when protecting your pets from ticks and fleas.

  1. Get your vet’s advice on what skin treatment your pet needs. There are different types of anti-fleas and ticks solutions that you can use directly onto your pet’s skin. These can be expensive, though, whether they’re prescribed by your vet or you take them over-the-counter, especially if you have many pets to treat.
  1. Use flea collars. These are proven to keep ticks and fleas away but they also need to be replaced as needed.
  1. Give your pets their regular baths and grooming – depends on what pets you have, though. There are certain breeds that do not require a lot of bathing or combing. Make sure to consult your vet about your pet’s bathing and grooming routines if you are not certain. But bathing and grooming should help remove dirt from your pet’s coat, including killing ticks and fleas. Use pet shampoos that contain anti-flea and tick components.

Bring your pet to the clinic immediately if you suspect they have any of the symptoms of Lyme disease or any other alarming changes in their behavior. The vets at East Shore Veterinary at Branford and Madison have many years of experience dealing effectively with pet ticks and fleas.

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