Lack of Obedience A Problem for Many Pet Owners

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Obedient Pet

Pet training is the key to integrating your pet safely as a beloved member of your household. But too often, many pet owners become overwhelmed or disillusioned with the idea of training their pet, and allow their pet to become disobedient. Pet owners may allow their animal to get away with poor behavior because they have failed to control it in the past, and feel that it is too late to change the behavior. A lack of obedience in animals can be seen in both cats and dogs. Unfortunately, animals that lack obedience and training can be dangerous to other animals and humans, and may even put their own lives at risk.It is a myth to think that older, adult pets cannot learn to change their behavior. By talking to your veterinarian at East Shore Veterinary Services, you can discuss concerns about your pet's behavior. Your vet can offer their expertise and opinion on how to best treat common obedience problems in pets, such as biting, aggressiveness, jumping, or not responding to commands. Your vet may recommend you work alongside a professional dog trainer to help your pet. A well-behaved pet will be beneficial to both animal and owner, and promote a healthy relationship.

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