How to Stop Your Dog from Barking at People?

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To help your dog stop barking at people, the first thing you want to do is to do research and find out why your dog barks so much. Depending on the underlying reason, you may introduce a proper treatment for your dog. Veterinarians from Eastshore Vet, the best veterinary clinic in Branford, share the following tips to give you an idea on how to stop your dog from barking at people.

How to Stop Your Dog from Barking at People?

Your Dog Barks When a Doorbell Rings

When your dog hears doorbell ringing, his first reaction may be to bark. Canine experts named it “alarm barking.” To help your dog change his behavior, you may use a simple command such as “go to bed” to distract his attention and offer something to cool him down. Another option is to teach your dog the ‘quiet’ command. Whenever your dog stops barking, offer him a treat.

Birds and Passersby Irritate Your Dog

If your dog used to sit on a window sill and bark at the birds and the people that pass by, just close the curtains. When you remove the stimuli, the barking will simply stop. However, your dog might still bark at people when you go for a walk. To teach him not to bark at passersby, ask your friend to help you. Reward your dog whenever your friend stands out at sight. This technique will gradually help your dog adjust his behavior when meeting new people.

Your Dog Feels Lonely

Dogs are social animals, and some of them feel uncomfortable when left alone for long periods of time. Set up cameras in your home to see whether your dog is getting lonely during your absence. If it is the case, ask your closest neighbor or your friend to give your dog a play session or take him for a walk.

Your Dog Suffers from Boredom

Sometimes your dog simply gets bored. Dogs who have so much unstructured time don’t get enough physical, mental, and social stimulation. In this case, barking vents his energy. To reduce change this habit, tire your dog with intense activities and provide him with a lot of stimuli that will use all the pent-up energy.

Your Dog Wants Your Attention

In a majority of cases, dogs use barking to get your attention. If your dog doesn’t get lonely, and you devote enough time to your furry friend, then just ignore his behavior. To do that, stay firm and consistent. In the beginning, you have to endure a lot of barking, but it promptly drops when he couldn’t get your attention.

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