How to Protect Your Dog from Four-Legged Bullies?

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Sometimes, a walk with your dog on a warm sunny day may turn into a nightmare when you meet a dog bully. Whether it happens at your neighborhood park or down the street, you should be prepared how to act. It is of greatest importance to keep you and your dog safe in these situations. To learn more on how to protect your dog from four-legged bullies, you might want to read the following tips. These are the steps that veterinarians from Eastshore Vet, the dog boarding center in Branford, believe may help you.

How to Protect Your Dog from Four-Legged Bullies?

Check Your Emotions

Before you visit a new park and start socializing with other dogs and their owners, get in touch with your own emotions. If you feel nervous or anxious, your dog will immediately pick it up. As a result, this first effort may easily turn into a disaster when other dogs smell fear. To prevent that, take a deep breath and stay calm. You may also want to let your dog run and vent his anxiety before meeting other dogs.

Start Socializing Your Dog Slowly

Socializing your dog may become more comfortable for him if you begin with the small steps. For example, you may start socializing in a quiet area and make contact with a dog that is not yet part of the crowd. This encounter will most likely go well while you and your dog will get a boost of self-confidence. It is quite enough for the beginning.

Watch Your Dog for Signs of Discomfort

To protect your dog from four-legged bullies, you may look for the signs that show how uncomfortable your dog is. Watch his body language, his tail, and his eyes. A dog who feels uncomfortable may have his tail tucked under his body, he may yawn and yelp or he may avoid eye contact with another dog. At the same time, be sure there is reciprocation in behavior during their play.

Remove Your Dog from a Potentially Dangerous Situation

When you spot the signs of discomfort or determine that the play is too rough for your dog, remove him immediately from the situation. Don’t wait for it to escalate. By giving your dog a safe space, you will ensure that his confidence will return quickly. Moreover, you won’t allow this incident to traumatize your dog and prevent further socialization because you haven’t managed to protect your dog from four-legged bullies.

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