How to Make Your Balcony Safe for Cats?

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Letting your cat on a balcony might enrich her life. It will help her enjoy the view. Your cat will also get more fresh air and being entertained by observing daily activities from the outer world. However, to do that, you have to make sure that your cat is thoroughly protected from a fall. If you wonder how to make your balcony safe for cats, veterinarians from Eastshore Vet, the best pet grooming center in Madison, list the following tips.

How to Make Your Balcony Safe for Cats?

Insert the Safety Net

The best way to protect your cat from a fall is to enclose your balcony with the safety net. Fasten it firmly to make the net a sturdy barrier. At the same time, inspect the net occasionally and try to find the gaps that may pose a danger to your cat. Just be sure it works properly and doesn’t provide an opportunity to your cat to leap down.

Build a Catio

Some people find that building a cat patio or “a catio” represents the safest way to let your cat on a balcony. You may want to use a large dog crater and adjust it to suit the needs of your cat. Making your own catio might be a way to save your money and practice your creativity, too.

Put Her on a Leash

If your cat doesn’t mind roaming around a balcony on a leash, you are one of the luckiest cat parents. More often, you might want to train your cat to get used to being on a leash before she enters a balcony. To teach her wearing a leash and feels comfortable, lavish her with a lot of attention and give her a favorite treat after each try that shouldn’t last more than minute or two.

Remove Toxic Plants from a Balcony

Educate yourself about the plants that may put your precious furry friend in a potentially hazardous situation. For that purpose, you might want to read the article “What Plants Are Dangerous for Your Cat?”

Always Supervise Your Cat

Even though you finally got your work done in order to make your balcony safe for cats, don’t allow her to roam freely without your supervision. You or one of your family members should be always keeping an eye on a cat when spending her time on a balcony.

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