How to Help Your Dog Feel Less Stressful When You Are out of Home?

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For many dogs, spending time alone can be stressful. Some of them may pee, bark, howl, tear up things, or even ruin your furniture, in extreme cases. Your task is not only to teach your dog good manners but to help him relieve his anxiety. To help your dog feel less stressful when you are out of home, veterinarians from Eastshore Vet, the best veterinary clinic in Branford, CT  recommend doing the following steps.

How to Help Your Dog Feel Less Stressful When You Are out of Home?

Train Your Dog to Tolerate Being on His Own

The first thing you may want to do is to train your dog to tolerate spending time alone as early as possible. Canine experts recommend taking little steps and accompanying each step with reward.The best way to begin is by installing a stair gate around the space where your dog will spend his time during your absence. At first, reward him at first whenever he plays peacefully on his own and when you are out of his sight. Then, gradually increase his challenge by letting him stay alone for five minutes. Repeat the process until he is ready to be comfortable playing on his own for longer periods of time.

It is always possible to retrain your dog and change his reaction regarding his solo time. The goal is to associate this time with something good and positive. You may throw him a treat toy whenever you go out.

Exercise Your Dog Before Leaving Him at Home

Your dog will be more peaceful if you help him vent up his energy before you go out. Try waking up early at least half an hour to take him for a walk.

Create a Cozy and Peaceful Place for Your Dog

Your dog needs a peaceful place where he feels safe. It might be a certain room or a nook where he feels most relaxed and likes to nap. Place his bed and bowls, and make it a cozy place where he will enjoy his time alone.

Provide Your Dog with a Lot of Stimuli During Your Absence

Some dogs like hearing background noise because it helps them feel less lonely. Turn on the TV or radio if your dog likes it. Just be sure that the sound is not too loud.

Calm Yourself First

When you are about to leave home, make it less dramatic. Behave normally and avoid long good-byes to help your dog feeling less painful when he stays alone.

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