How Does Your Cat Say, "I Love You"?

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Many people believe that cats are aloof and don’t care much about their owners. However, a majority of cat parents know that even though cats may seem emotionally detached, they actually form a strong bond with their human family. If you are not quite sure whether your cat loves you or just maneuvers to get what she wants, you need to pay attention to their language. To learn about how your cat says, “I love you,” veterinarians from Eastshore Vet, the best animal hospital in Branford, suggest looking for the following signs.

How Does Your Cat Say, "I Love You"?

Cat Gives You Head Butts

When your cat bunts you with her head, she wants to show her affection. By doing that, your cat spreads the smell from her scent glands, claiming that you are part of their family.

Cat Is Grooming You

In their world, cats groom each other to show affection. Because of that, when your cat starts licking you or grooming your hair, consider it as a huge compliment.

Your Cat Slowly Blinks at You

Feline experts regard this behavior as cats’ way to kiss you. When a cat stares at you and then slowly blinks, she wants to express how much she loves you. Take it into account and next time take initiative. Give her your attention, make eye contact and then blink. Most likely, she will “kiss” you back.

She Is Continuously Following You

This behavior is not obvious, but it is so specific to cats. When your cat is following you to the bathroom, napping near you when you are working on the computer, or relaxing in the kitchen when you are preparing a meal, she demonstrates her affection toward you. If her lingering around is followed by purring, then her behavior reveals that your cat adores you.

She Shows Her Belly

One of the most certain signs that your cat trusts you are when she shows you her belly. By exposing her most vulnerable part, she gives you an exclusive opportunity to witness her emotional opening. Just don’t try to pet her tummy. It may turn out bad for you.

Your Cat Is Purring near You

Cats purr for different reasons. However, when they purr while you pet them, or when they rub against you, they say, “I love you” for sure.If you notice two or three behavior on a daily basis—you are the lucky one. Your little ball of fur most definitely loves you.

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