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If your dog has a high-maintenance coat, it can be expensive to pay a dog groomer to keep it looking tidy. Before you make that kind of investment, you need to make sure you know you're working with a groomer who knows what they're doing! Use these five tips to choose the perfect dog groomer for you. Fluffy will appreciate it.

  1. Ask for recommendations. Many of the people you already talk with may have recommendations for a decent groomer. Ask your friends with pets, talk to your veterinarian, chat with your local pet store clerk, or your dog park buddies. If you see someone walking a well-groomed dog on the street, stop them and ask who their dog groomer is. You want a large pool of potential pet groomers to choose from so you can start narrowing down your list in the next step.
  2. Check to see which groomers are certified. In the US, dog groomers aren't required to receive formal training. Such programs do exist, however, and you should look for a groomer who has received a certificate. Grooming programs teach safety practices and how to identify skin disorders.
  3. Interview your potential groomers. If your dog has a specific health condition or coat type, you'll want to make sure your groomer can handle your dog's needs. This will also alert you to any potential red flags before you spend your time going out to tour their facility.
  4. Tour the grooming facility. You want to make sure your dog will be in a safe, clean environment while they're getting cleaned up. If the facility grooms both dogs and cats, make sure the animals are kept in separate areas.
  5. Find out the cost. When you've narrowed it down to just a few, make sure you understand the costs of each facility. Some groomers will include nail clipping or an ear cleaning in overall cost, but other will charge an additional amount for these services. Know how much money you need to spend to get your dog the grooming he needs!

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