Dog Grooming Tips for Summer

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Summer is a perfect period to enjoy the company of your dog. You might want to spend most of your time outside enjoying the beauty of nature and its vivid colors. Whether you are relaxing with your dog on the beach, by the pool or near a lake, his safety should be your priority.When it comes to hot weather and its danger, your main task is to prevent his skin from sunburns and cool him down. Because of that, pay extra attention to his skin, fur, and paws during these hot months. To keep your dog happy and healthy, veterinarians from Eastshore Vet, the best dog grooming center in Madison, shares the following dog grooming tips for summer.

Dog Grooming Tips for Summer

Should You Give Your Dog a Summer Cut?

Canine experts agree that giving your dog summer cut can be tricky. Their fur is designed to protect them not only from low temperatures in winter, but also to prevent sunburns and keep them cool in summer.

A dog’s fur acts as some kind of insulator that helps your dog chill out when it is too hot. Because of that, the best advice from veterinarians is to brush your dog daily with a proper brush. Regular grooming session will remove loose hair, prevent mats from occurring and keep his hair shiny and healthy.

Healthy and properly groomed hair will keep his skin free from irritation and provide a natural ventilation system for your dog.

Don’t Shave Your Dog

Under no circumstances shave your dog. It is the fastest way to disturb his natural cooling system and expose his skin to hot sun rays. When a dog’s skin is deprived of the protective layer of his fur, it becomes vulnerable to outside factors. Assist your dog in hot summer months by giving him the best support you can—keep your grooming habits frequent and regular.

Be Careful About Double-Coated Dog

Canine experts agree that you should never give a summer cut to your double-coated dog. The reason is simple—hair in double-coated dogs grows until it reaches a certain length and then stops. Moreover, it represents a perfect cooling system that once damaged will never recover.

Double coated dogs, lose their undercoat in summer while their guard hair is getting thinner. Thus, guarding hair becomes their main bastion against hot summer weather and increased humidity. Don’t do anything on your own to disturb this extraordinarily designed layer to perform the best his main function—ventilation and protection.

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