6 Signs Your Dog Is Truly Happy

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A happy and content dog is a healthy dog. Sometimes, dog parents fail to recognize when their furry friend becomes stressed, sad or anxious. Even though you don’t quite understand dog language, it is not hard to detect unusual and inappropriate behavior.

When your otherwise happy dog starts behaving mischievously, it is time to check his health and his everyday lifestyle to find out what is missing. To recognize when your dog acts as a stressed or as a happy dog, you need to get familiar with the signs that accompany those behaviors. Because of that, veterinarians from Eastshore Vet, the best veterinary agency in Madison, lists 6 signs that your dog is truly happy.

6 Signs Your Dog Is Truly Happy

Relaxed Posture

Observe your dog’s overall posture, his ears, eyes, mouth, and his tail. You want to see relaxed ears, round eyes, relaxed mouth and jawline, as well as wagging tail. When your dog gives you a soft gaze with partly open mouth, while his tail is wagging slightly from side to side—it is a sure sign that your dog is happy.

Good Appetite

One of the first signs that your dog has an underlying medical condition or may be suffering from boredom or stress is lack of appetite. If you are not quite sure whether your dog eats enough food, offer him his favorite trait and see what happens. Dogs, who lost their appetite, will act indifferently to any food choice.


If your dog runs to you when you come back home, jumping and licking you—no doubt that he is happy. Dogs, who jump excitedly when you are about to go for a walk, fill his bowls with his favorite food, or throw him his special toy, are content and happy dogs.


A happy dog will often play “bow” to invite you to play with him. If your dog is active, cheerful, and restless when it comes to playing—you most definitely don’t need to worry.

Having a Good Sleep

Dogs who sleep more or less than usual or change frequently their sleeping place may suffer from stress or some ailment.

Your Dog Doesn’t Express Destructive Behavior

Dogs who experience a hard time when you are out of the home may tear up the cushions or ruin your furniture. These dogs may suffer from separation anxiety and need your help to overcome that. A happy dog never engages in inappropriate and destructive behavior.

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