6 Fun Dog Activities for This Holiday Season

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Before you indulge completely in the comfort of this holiday season, stop for a second to examine how to include your pet in celebration. Sometimes, the business of the holidays can remove your best friend from your top priorities. It often causes even the most obedient dog to misbehave. Because of that, veterinarians from Eastshore Vet, the best animal hospital in Madison gives you these 6 fun dog activity ideas for this holiday season to help you and your dog enjoy festivities together.

6 Fun Dog Activities for This Holiday Season

Enjoy Walking Under the Christmas Night Lights Christmas decoration and bright lights can be a perfect motive to go out with your dog. Before you decide how long to be outside, inform yourself about the weather. Your small dog may need a winter jacket or a pair of boots. On the other hand, your big dog may want to spend less time on a cold temperature.

Include Your Dog in Festivity

Dogs like to feel like a part of a family. They will be extremely grateful when you include them in a family celebration. Take family photos with your dog or bring him a present with his favorite toy.

Make Your Dog a Special Treat

To prevent your dog from bad behavior, find what trait he likes the most and make him a cake. By enjoying his special gift, he will stop bothering your guests during dinner party.

Arrange a Play date for Your Dog

Once the celebration is over, your dog may miss the company of other dogs. To help him feel better during the holiday season, plan in advance and call his playmates to arrange a play date.

Plan Holiday Outings with Your Dog

Before you decide how to spend your holidays, take your time and plan carefully with your furry friend in mind. You may want to give the priority to events that include your pet and people who like spending time with your dog.

Spend Your Time at Home Actively

If the holidays were accompanied by snow, you might enjoy winter activities with your dog in the yard. On the other hand, if the weather is cold and snow is missing, you may want to improve your dog mood by various indoor activities.

Before you decide which dog activities to include this holiday season, be sure that your dog is safe from the Christmas dangers.

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