5 Best Puppy Training Tips

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Puppy training classes are a great way to help you keep your new pups occupied when they would otherwise be causing some trouble. Training will help your pup with good manners, prevent unwanted behaviors, and provide excellent opportunities for bonding and enrichment. Whether you're going to a puppy training school or training on your own, here are some tips on how to train your pup the right way!

1. Start with the basics. While it may be fun to teach your dog how to roll over or bring you a soda out of the refrigerator, make sure they understand simple commands before you move on to the advanced stuff. If something goes wrong or you need to get your dog's attention, they'll need to know sit, come, and other beginner commands in order to get things under control.2. Tell your dog what you want, not what you don't want. Dogs will have a much easier time figuring out what they're supposed to do rather than avoiding the behaviors you want them to avoid. If you want your dog to sit on his dog bed and not on the couch, reward him when he makes this decision rather than scolding him when he jumps up on the furniture. After a few tries, your dog will understand that sitting on the dog bed will earn her a treat!3. Be consistent. Use the same word or hand gesture each time you want your dog to do something. Dogs can't pick up on context the same way that people can, and different cues may end up making them less responsive to commands. If you make sure to use the same cue every time, your dog will always understand what you want them to do.4. Give lots of love. When your dog finally understands what you wanted her to do, this is a time to celebrate! Treats, bellyrubs, praise, all of the above will let your pup know that they did the right thing. Use high-reward treats for difficult tasks, and you may see results come about more quickly!5. Positivity! Dogs are very sensitive to their owners emotions. Even when you're frustrated, keeping a positive attitude will help your dog, while a negative one might hinder training progress.Find the perfect trainer for your puppy training in Madison.

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