4 DIY Dog Gromming Tips

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Pet grooming isn't just for the professionals anymore. With the right tools and techniques, anybody can take care of their furry friends from the comfort of their own home. A healthy coat comes from a combination of good grooming and good health. Check with your animal wellness center to ensure your dog is getting a healthy diet that will make their fur shine! Here are some tips on how to give your dog the best groom possible.

DIY Dog gromming tips
  1. Make sure you have the right tools! Human shampoo will irritate your dog's skin, so be sure to purchase a mild shampoo for dogs. Check with a local groomer or do a Google search to see what kinds of brushes are the best for your breed. Long-haired dogs will have different grooming needs than short-haired dogs. Plan accordingly!
  2. Wash and brush your pet before you start clipping. A good cleaning and brushing will help untangle your dog's fur before you make your way in with the clippers. Trying to cut big chunks with the clippers can be painful for your dog. You want to make sure those clumps are as small as possible before you try to chop them off.
  3. Be careful with electric hair clippers. The blades on electric clippers can get very hot. Take brief breaks and turn off the clippers to make sure they have a chance to cool down. If they do get hot, either switch them out for cooler blades or leave them on something metal to cool down for a while.
  4. Praise your dog as you work. To make the grooming process as stress free as possible, give your furry friend treats as you go. Love, praise, and treats go a long way! If you show your dogs that you appreciate their patience while you groom them, they'll be less fidgety and more excited the next time you break out the clippers!

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