How to Keep Your Pet Calm During Fireworks?

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Almost 50 percent pets fear fireworks. Many of them try to escape the loud noise thus making themselves vulnerable to outside threats. Many of them end up injured, while other get lost. To prepare you and your pet for forthcoming celebrations and their risks, you may want to learn some practical tips. Veterinarians from Eastshore Vet, the best veterinary agency in Madison, offer the following strategies to keep your pet calm during fireworks.

Train Your Pet

The best tactic to help your pet stay calm during fireworks is to prepare them early. Pets who got used to loud sounds as young have better coping skills with sudden noise. For dogs this early period lasts to 12 weeks of age, while for cats it refers to 7 weeks of age.

If you miss this period, however, you can still teach your pet not to react to fireworks. You may turn on the recorded sounds of fireworks and set it up on a low level. Follow the process with treats and encouragement, and gradually amplify the sound. Repeat this exercise during longer period and keep the sessions short not longer than 15 minutes. Continue until your pet get accustomed to a moderate level.

Encourage Your Furry Friend to Exercise

When your pet is tired, he will most likely stay calm to outside sounds, even though they come from fireworks. You may organize several brisk walks during a day or one long walk in late afternoon. The idea is to wear your dog out before the evening when fireworks start.

If you have a cat, a vigorous play may help her vent up energy. After chasing her favorite toy, she will be more occupied with her nap than with fireworks. 

Provide a Safe Place for Your Pet

During fireworks, your pet will most likely want to hide. To help them feel safe when loud noise startles their nervous system, create a cozy place in their favorite spot. Put their toys, treats, and a sleeping bag to make them comfortable. Don;t try to cuddle your pet or pull them out if they want to stay hidden. You may console your pet by speaking to them in a soft caring voice.

Minimize the Noise

Close the curtains and turn on music or TV. This way, you will minimize outside noise and distract your pet from fireworks.

Prevent Escape

When animals feel fear, they may hide or escape. To prevent your pet from running away, close your doors and windows. If you have a cat flap, lock it to block the exit.

You may also want to microchip your pet,in case that they somehow found a way to escape. As additional precaution, you may want to attach an ID tag to their collar. Just be sure that you update yourdata.  

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