How to Keep Your Dog Safe Around the Pool?

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Summer is a great time to enjoy relaxing mornings and evenings with a salad or fresh drink around a swimming pool. Your children and your dogs might also find the idea appealing, too. Before you indulge in summer gatherings and outdoor family time, go through these tips to keep your dog safe around the pool. Veterinarians from Eastshore Vet, the best veterinary agency in Madison, recommend doing a health checkup before you let your dog jump into the water, especially if a dog is senior or has a chronic illness.

How to Keep Your Dog Safe Around the Pool - Tips

- Prevent your dog approaching swimming pool with a pool fence If you are not going to spend some time near the swimming pool, you don't want your dog wandering around either. Type of the pool fence depends on the size, age, and specific traits of your dog. Many dog owners prefer using pool safety cover that may withstand a dog and fix it on the side. Avoid using floating pools because even experienced dogs have difficulties find the surface after the fall.- Install an alarm into a swimming pool If you don't have much time and often leave your dog unsupervised in the yard, installing an alarm is a great way to ensure safety. It might be a good idea to attach pet alarm around his collar to protect him from a sudden incident.

- Buy a life jacket for your dog Providing your dog with a life jacket is the best way to prevent him from drowning. Just make sure that life vest fits your dog well.

- Teach your dog swimming lessons Before you begin the lessons, don't try to force him to swim and don't throw him into the water, hoping that he will somehow learn to swim. For many dogs, swimming is not instinctive activity. Moreover, certain breeds like Bulldogs, Pegs, and Corgis are not born swimmers. Because of their physical constitution, they do better without water.

- Teach your dog how to exit the pool The swimming lesson number one for your dog will be how to find the exit from a swimming pool. You may mark it with vivid colors and ensure the right size steps for your dog.

- Keep your dog fit Decrease the risk of drowning and keep your dog safe around the pool by regular exercise.

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